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rediscover your sacred self

a sanctuary for spiritual awakening

overflo. is a global community, podcast, and spiritual development sanctuary creating programming to support your healing and transformation. We are devoted to demystifying spiritual awakening and empowering seekers to deepen their connection to their own inner knowing.


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Our Story

overflo was created in 2019 by Timil Jones as a sacred space for people experiencing spiritual awakening and healing core wounds.

the podcast

Ancestor Veneration As Birthright

Timil Jones talks with Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí about ancestor veneration, intuition, and societal ancestor veneration that upholds the corrupt systems we live within. Timil channels a special message about the impact of maintaining a relationship with our ancestors. You can connect with Adéọlá's work on instagram @distinguisheddiva.

Multidimensional Mental Health

Timil Jones talks with Ashley Whiteside, LMSW about choosing a therapist as an intuitive being and a holistic approach to Self healing. You can connect with Ashley's work @altruisticash on instagram and