A Calling is Not a Cure

This is my first channeled message of 2023 and it comes forth as a collective message. This means that I am receiving downloads as they pertain to our soul group in particular and may include messages pertaining to humanity at large. I want to start by saying that the energetic circumstances we find ourselves in as Venus enters Pisces on January 26th can either be a soothing balm or a haunting. This will depend on our ability to be observers of not only the past but past versions of ourselves. There is so much wisdom that can emerge through an intentionally devotional practice of reflection in the last week of January. If you find that you read this message at another date know that it is timeless and will meet you where you are.

We may have dreams or experiences in meditation that appear to be potential alternative outcomes to old storylines that we were playing out unconsciously. This means we were in situations that were for our learning and growth, but not necessarily in alignment with the highest good for all involved. In some cases, these circumstances were unnecessarily harmful or traumatic and while we may have gained a better understanding about the boundaries and standards we require, this particular past programming served the purpose of keeping us disconnected from our soul's power and outside of the protection that is available to us in the spiritual realms.

Aquarius season asks us to release the physical impact of past spiritual (and for some of us galactic) warfare. You can activate this release by identifying and naming the things that come up in your intentional reflections. The purpose of this release is not to deny the existence of previous timelines, or experiences, or the very real impact that they have on us. The release serves to lighten us and open us to experiences that do not mirror the past. The lightening also allows for a stronger but gentler ability to connect with our intuitive nature versus an intensity that we may have been experiencing because of the mistrust and paranoia that was present as a result of the trauma.

Example declaration:

 "I no longer consent to carrying these memories in my physical body."

"I no longer consent to carrying these distorted templates in my physical body and auric field."

"I no longer consent to ______________________________________________."

After entering a meditative state your specific release may be revealed to you. 


The awakening or ascension journey for many of us has largely been about how we will be of service. And while being of service can bring great joy and fulfillment, it is not the only reason we incarnated. As we anchor more fully into the age of Aquarius, templates of sacrifice, suffering, and toiling must dissolve and we must be ready to release them. This season ushers in an initiation in which the first step is a spiritual and emotional release. It asks us to be willing to witness the ending or dissolving of a distorted service-based template we have been operating under. Having some rigid or inflexible purpose that creates a flimsy identity made wholly of being needed by others is a density that does not resonate with the type of freedom we are meant to embody. Does this mean we stop being useful or utilizing our gifts for the collective good? No, of course not. But we must release the false sense of Self gained from Self-avoidance. It is necessary that we be devoted to the tending of our spiritual practices so that our embodiment reflects a healed humanity and the beautiful possibility of what is available to us when we take responsibility for our experience here.

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