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Moon marked and touched by sun my magic is unwritten but when the sea turns back it will leave my shape behind.



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What our members say

"Timil's videos would just be so on point. The readings for all my key placements are so accurate for everything going on in my life.

It's enriched my spiritual journey and I've gone through such a huge transformation. If you are just starting out on your journey, or have reached a certain threshold, and need an elevation or push in the type of spiritual content you consume- it's such a good investment in your spiritual journey and it's such a good community to be a part of." - Sas- London, UK

the overflo

To flow over in order to swim, flow and let flo. To provide room, area, distance, stretches of time to flow over inIto, inI front of or before turning again, back anew or against. The opposite of coming together to cover over you. Instead providing space that you may sanctify your Self.